For this month, Christianaudio offers two audiobook downloads, absolutely free.

The first one is E. M. Bounds: A Man of Prayer by Lyle Dorsett. The author wrote this account of Bounds' life from information provided by Bounds' family, with the intention of increasing awareness and knowledge of his life's works.

The coupon code for this download is MAYPRAY.

The next free audiobook is The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns. According to Christianaudio, this is a story of how a corporate CEO faced his own struggle to obey God whatever the cost, and his passionate call for Christians to change the world by actively living out their faith. Using his own journey as an example, Stearns explores the hole that exists in our understanding of the Gospel.

The coupon code for this download is MAY2010.

To get a free copy of the audiobooks, you need to register a free account with Then you can use the search button to look for the above audiobooks, or they can be featured at the sidebar. Add the book to your cart, follow the instructions till you reach the point where the coupon code information is requested. Enter the coupon code and take note if the price drops to zero, which means you used the correct coupon code. Proceed to the rest of the checkout steps and download the audibook.

Since there are two free audiobooks this month, you need to purchase it separately since only one coupon code can be accomodated per purchase.

That's it! Do share your experiences in listening to these books! Have a blessed time listening to them.

Christianaudio's free download for the month is Jonathan Acuff's Stuff Christians Like.

Sometimes the stuff that comes with faith is funny. That's the tagline for this book, and although I haven't read it yet (still have to download it tonight), it actually got me interested (and excited, I have to say).

There's always something about being counter-mainstream that gets me high and going. I don't expect this one to blow over the roof, though, but hopefully it can provide me a fresh take on things that has gone stale. Or cliche'. Or unnoticed.

Let me hear from you when you get a crack of the audiobook! I'll let you know how it came across to me once I get to hear it. So do check back. Thanks!

Note: Got this here
According to the Philippine Renal Disease Registry, 5,000 Filipinos who develop end-stage renal (kidney-related) disease are suitable kidney transplants. But only a handful of them ever get a transplant, and many die while waiting for a donor (source here). One of the reasons pointed out is that organ donation mostly came from living individuals. Very few actually gave consent to have their organs donated when they die.

This is the scenario that the Integrated Program on Organ Donation (IPOD) is hoping to change. IPOD is a non-stock, non-profit organ retrieval service provider with the aim of addressing the growing disparity between living and deceased donation. Deceased donation means that a person made the necessary preparations to have his/her organs donated upon his/her death. IPOD aims to do this through a number of activities that involve the development of an organ procurement program to provide a steady supply of organs from deceased individuals for transplant to patients with end-stage organ disease. It also aims to develop cooperation for the education of the public regarding organ donation, as well as facilitate training and research on the matter.
For more information about IPOD, just click on the pic which will take you to their website.

Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement of the institutions mentioned above, but a mere dessimination of information. Please let me know if any of the information above is misleading or false, and provide your basis accordingly.

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